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Nazrul Geeti Swaralipi Pdf Download ===> DOWNLOAD

Nazrul Geeti Swaralipi Pdf Download ===> DOWNLOAD

Category:1897 births Category:1947 deaths Category:People from Jorhat district Category:Bengali Muslims Category:Indian male composers Category:Indian Muslims Category:Bengali singers Category:Bengali musicians Category:20th-century Indian composers Category:20th-century singers Category:20th-century male musiciansSilencing of microRNA-125b facilitates osteoblast differentiation and improves bone formation in lumbar intertransverse process distraction osteogenesis in rats. Insufficient mature bone formation after distraction osteogenesis may be caused by an insufficient blood supply. MicroRNAs are non-coding RNAs that post-transcriptionally inhibit the expression of their target genes. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of microRNA-125b (miR-125b) in the regeneration of bone formed after distraction osteogenesis. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were used in the present study. In the experimental group, miR-125b was inhibited by small interfering RNA (siRNA) after distraction of the intertransverse processes. The distraction gap was examined by radiography and histology. Osteogenic differentiations and angiogenesis were determined by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity, and immunohistochemistry. A TUNEL assay was used to analyze cell apoptosis. The expression of miR-125b was significantly inhibited by siRNA in the siRNA group compared with the control group. The new bone area in the siRNA group was significantly higher than that in the control group at 4 weeks after surgery. The osteoblast-related genes were up-regulated, and the angiogenesis genes were down-regulated in the siRNA group. However, the expression of the osteoblast-related genes did not increase in the control group. At 6 weeks after surgery, the numbers of apoptotic cells and TUNEL-positive cells in the siRNA group were significantly lower than those in the control group. Our data suggest that siRNA-mediated miR-125b inhibition could facilitate bone formation during intertransverse process distraction osteogenesis.. This is found at the three consecutive C-terminal Pro-Glu residues from residues 319 to 321. This region has the potential to form β-sheets with the surrounding regions that form ß-barrels with the catalytic site


Nazrul Geeti Swaralipi Pdf Download iviahar

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